Photo Report of the Latest Album Presentation

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"Pineapples in Champagne"

"Bravo!" ( The audience is applauding.In the front row are the poetesses - Lidiya Gladkaya and Alina Maltzeva.)

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The sax part of all the songs  was performed by  Vladimir Kalenov, a professional musician,  who used to play the sax  for 20 years,  and  now
is the  chef in the "Admiral" cafe.

Ludmila Lapina, a wonderful performer of Russian and Gypsy  city romances and one of Fedor's best friends,   is presenting the audience with her beautiful songs.

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Family trio.

In the castle tower the Queen was playng a Chopin ,  And, while  listening to the Chopin, a page fell in love with the Queen.

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Fedor's friends and admirers are drinking to his health.