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“God Mother  Chenstokhovskaja” Introduction to the Album
Photo Report of the "Farewell to Igor Severianin" Album Presentation
In the Fairytale of “Golden Setuan”
The very first impression of attending “Setuan-99”





On Neva river. foto by Feliks Lurie

  COMPOSER AND SINGER FEDOR BORKOVSKY was born on July 10, 1956. He graduated from Leningrad Polytechnical Institute in 1979. In 1988 he finished People’s University of Music Art, the classical guitar class under the instruction of Kniazev A.N.
  He began writing music for his songs and sang them accompaning by the guitar at the age of 13. Most of his best songs are on the lyrics of the “Silver Age” Russian poets.
  In 1986 he met Larisa Nedielyaeva while performing in the Club of Modern Song’s “Vstrecha” at the Palace of Culture “Mir”. Their first concert was at the Scientist’s Club in Lesnoy, Leningrad, in 1988. Larisa sang Fedor’s songs, while Fedor played the guitar accompaning her to sing her own songs. Until 1993 they used to perform at plants, factories and institutes of the city and the Leningrad Region. During this period once a month they sang in a cosy small cafe at Sarvoushkina ul, 72
  Since 1993 Fedor included the saxophone in the music of his songs, with Vsevolod Pokrovsky playing the sax part at concerts and in records.
  In 1993 -1994 the group performed in big concert halls : The Variety Art Theatre, The Palace of Culture named after M.Gorky in St.Petersburg, and in the Novgorod Concert Hall. It is during these two years that most of their concerts were broadcast by radio and TV. After 1994 Fedor never again performed together with Larisa.
  The next two years (1995-1996) Fedor gave few concerts: some recitals in the Yusupov Palace, the Anna Akhmatova Museum, the Fedor Dostoevsky Museum and the cafe “Cat”. But then this period was devoted to tape-recording. In 1995 he released his first tape-album “Pineapples in Champagne”. In 1997 his second tape-album “ Love’s Old-time Fogs” came out. Since then Fedor more often performed in public: at the Cinema Worker’s Club, the Journalist’s Club, and more often in the cafe “Admiral” (Pochtumsky pereulok 8/53), where he presented the songs of his new tape-albums. In 1998 Fedor released his first CD “ I remember, my Love, I remember ...”.
 In the late 1999 another album called “Farewell to Igor Severianin" appeared. Fedor is planning to record an album called “The Songs of the Politechnical Institute"

  In addition to the lyrics by the poets famous all over the world, Fedor Borkovsky sometimes writes songs on his own lyrics, as well as those of some less famous poets of our time: Natasha Kirilova, Galina Souslova, Alina Mal’tseva ( the author of six books, a member of the Writers’ Union), Max Dachie ( a member of the Journalists’ Union, more famous for his verses for chidren) and Olga Vendik. Alas, Max Dakhie and Olga Vendik are dead. Olga Vendik died in 1993 without seeing her 30th birthday. She left behind only one book of wonderful poems “ The White Queen” ( listen to the song under the same title).









Fedor Borkovsky - vocal, guitar, music
Larisa Nedieliaeva - vocal
Vsevolod Pokrovsky - saxsophone
Copyright. 1995, F. Borkovsky

  1. Is this a dream or Verlen? Lyrics by I. Annensky
  2. Dickens’ night.
Lyrics by M. Tsvetayeva
  3. Pineapples in Champagne.
Lyrics by I. Severianin
*4. You are years late.
Lyrics by A. Akhmatova
Memory of Petersburg. Lyrics by V. Nabokov
  6. You are so forgetful.
Lyrics by M.Tsvetaeyva
  7. Of claret dreams.
Lyrics by I.Severianin
  8. From where’s this tenderness.
Lyrics by M. Tsvetayeva
It’s calm in the deserted park. Lyrics by N. Kirilova
On a moonlight night of May. Lyrics by I. Annensky
  11. Phlox fragrance.
Lyrics by F.Borkovsky
  12. Goodbye, the sea...
Lyrics by M.Dakhie
  13. The sea.
Lyrics by F. Borkovsky
  14. An empty electric train‘ll rush me to you.
Lyrics by M.Dakhie
  15. In the Nevsky at night.
Lyrics by S Cherny
  16. Let’s talk about love’s oddities.
Lyrics by M.Dakhie
  17. In a rustling moire gown.
Lyrics by I. Severianin
  18. A passer-by boy.
Lyrics by B. Akhmadulina
  19. A Waitress -girl.
Lyrics by M.Dakhie



Fedor Borkovsky - vocal, guitar, music
Vsevolod Pokrovsky - saxsophone
Larisa Nedieliaeva - vocal
Copyright 1997, F. Borkovsky

1. Love’s old-time fogs. Lyrics by M. Tsvetayeva
2. Autumn.
Lyrics by M. Dakhie
3. Rain.
Lyrics by O.Vendick
4. White queen.
Lyrics by O. Vendick
5.  32 fuetes.
Lyrics by O.Vendick
6. The last leaf.
Lyrics by O.Vendick
7.  Farewell.
Lyrics by O.Vendick
8.  A little flower.
Lyrics by A. Mal’tzeva
9. To dacha!
Lyrics by I. Severianin
10. Your tender mouth
. Lyrics by M. Tsvetayeva
I won’t come today. Lyrics by I. Severianin
12. They’ll play the Brams to me.
Lyrics by B. Pasternak
13. Petersburg.
Lyrics by N. Agnivtsev
14. Don’t waste time on me.
Lyrics by B. Akhmadulina
15. My youth.
Lyrics by M. Tsvetayeva
16. My dear
. Lyrics by J. Brodsky
17. None can take your place.
Lyrics by N. Kirilova
18. Life fell down like summer lightning.
Lyrics by O. Mandelschtam
19. I let my people go away.
Lyrics by B. Pasternak
20.  I’ll rush about.
Lyrics by O. Mandelschtam
21. Performance that never was.
Lyrics by N.Kirilova
22. Chamber case.
Lyrics by G. Suslova





Fedor Borkovsky - vocal, guitar, music
Vsevolod Pokrovsky - saxsophone
Copyright.1998. F. Borkovsky


*1. I remember, my Love, I remember .. Lyrics by S.Yesenin
*2. In the large town of mine -it is night.
Lyrics by M. Tsvetayeva
*3. Cousin-wife. Lyrics by A. Vosnesensky
  4. Your lips. Lyrics by A.Vosnesensky
  5. Sweetbrier. Lyrics by A. Vosnesensky
*6. Marina. Lyrics by M. Tsvetayeva
  7. In a small village inn. Lyrics by M.Tsvetayeva
  8.   My love’s in flowers in the firmament. Lyrics by

*9. My Luve is Like a Red, Red Rose. Lyrics by R. Burns
  10. A Dance. Lyrics by F. Borkovsky
  11..In two years time. Lyrics by J. Brodsky
You were jokingly taking me home. Lyrics by O.Vendick
  13. When I was in love. Lyrics by N. Goumiliev
  14. Phlox fragrance. Lyrics by F. Borkovsky
  15. Zarasay. Lyrics by M. Dakhie
  16. I left long ago. Lyrics by V. Nabokov
  17. .Angelica’s roses. Lyrics by F. Borkovsky
  18. Farewell, and forget .. . Lyrics by J. Brodsky
*19. A narrow palm. Lyrics by O.Vendick
  20. Novomikhilovsk. Lyrics by F. Borkovsky
  21. Silver moon. Lyrics by F.Borkovsky
  22. Thin-legged deer. Lyrics by M. Dakhie

"Farewell to Igor Severianin"

kasseta3.JPG (14125 bytes)
"Farewell to Igor Severianin"

Fedor Borkovskiy - music, vocal, the guitar
Larisa Nedeliaeva - vocal
Vsevolod Pokrovskiy - sax, synthetic thrombon
Misha Borkovskiy - vocal accopaniment


1. In these branchy maple trees. Igor Severianin
2. It was near the sea. Igor Severianin.
3. The horse woman. Igor Severianin.
4. Valentina. Igor Severianin.
5. The train. Igor Severianin.
6. Pineapples in shampagne. Igor Severianin.
7. I hate the irony of yours. Nekrasov N.A
8. In the day of blue bears. V. Kchlebnikov
9. Thought-up life. O. Vendick
10. A tea cup. O. Vendick
11. Setuan. Fedor Borkovskiy.  
12. A menthol pencil. O. Mandelshtam
13. I’m drinking for military astras. O. Mandelshtam.
14. Mom’s left for Paris. Shasha Chyerny.
15. He believed in his skull. J. Brodskiy
16. Farewell song. J. Brodskiy
17. New home. (a cycle) A. Akchmatova.
18. Thou and You. A.S. Pushkin
19. Russia. Hieromonk (?) Roman   
20. Petenera (?) ( a cycle) F.G.Lorka

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“God Mother  Chenstokhovskaja”
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Fedor Borkovskiy - music, vocal, the guitar

Texts of verses this album


*Texts of verses

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