In the Fairytale of “Golden Setuan”

The very first impression of attending “Setuan-99”

    In September 1999 I had a happy chance to visit one of the most beautiful nooks of our planet.
   At the end of Eurasia, at its eastern edge, on the coast of the Tatary Gulf, there are located two small towns: Vanino and Sovetskaya Haven. Between the two towns there is a summer camp, where the Regional Festival of Bard’Song “ Golden Setuan” was held from the 17th to the 19th of September. ( Setuan” is the name of the haven located nearby). I had the privilege of participating in the Festival both as a guest and as one of the singing judges. The pleasant feelings that I have experienced at the Festival go beyond any comparison with those I had at other festivals that I happened to take part in before.
    The friendly atmosphere reigning there may have been, in part, due to comparatively small number of the participants (only about 40 competitors) . It was free of any spirit of competition. The air hanging around the summer camp was filled with love, brotherhood and friendship. It was the love for the Bard Song that united everyone, irrespective of the difference in age and social position. The guys used to talk and sing their songs all nights long, seeing the nights faiding into days, and watching the sun rising from the sea horizon. They wanted to sing their songs created during the previous year. By the way, I was surprised by quite a few of very interesting songs and bards. I have already included some of the songs into my repertoir. The programme of the Festival was so big, that there was no time left for the participants to communicate with each other during the day. Only nights remained for them to talk, to sing, to listen to each other. I had the feeling the guys had not slept at all, that they were singing and talking round the clock. ( It is remarkable that none was drinking any alcoholic drinks!) It was not unusual that a singer would come out to be judged, singing his songs in a hoarse voice because he had sung all night long before.
   When I was leaving for the Festival, I did not know a single person there. Four days later a crowd of true (!) friends were seeing me off on the platform. I had never thought that I would be able to fall in love with so many people at a time. These are wonderful people, and they live in a magnificent place!
    I would give a piece of advice for the bards lacking inspiration: do go to the “Golden Setuan”! While on board the plane taking me back to St.Pete, I was composing new songs inspired by the nature, by the people, by the spirit of the Festival.
Borkovskiy Fedor.
September, the 26th

Photoalbum “Setuan -99”

  On the coast of the Gulf of Tatary .

  These are the magnificent sights there!

  During the Festival.

  My new friends- musicians.

The duet spontaneously born at the Festival.

  Before the last concert there was a picnic with the people of the “Signal” who contacted me via e-mail and arranged my trip to the Festival.

Farewell to the Sea.

  My friends from Sovietskaya Haven - Ira Sournina and Yegorienko Yuriy Mikchailovich, the Head Physician of the region. They took me on a sight-seeing tour round the Sovhaven region. ( When thinking of Sovetskaya Haven, it is with great gratitude that I remember the mayor of the town and the region Grigoriev Yuryi Leonidovich and Sasha Lukinchuck, a wonderful musician, who gave me a cordial reception)

  By the lighthouse at the Gulf of Tartary .

  The last minutes before my departure from Kchabarovsk. All the long way from the Kchabarovsk airport to Vanino and back from Vanino to the Kchabarovsk airport was I accompanied by my new friends.